I’m excited to announce that I was invited to give a talk at Beyond Tellerrand, a creative conference that brings diverse range of speakers together this year. Their events take place in Berlin, Düsseldorf and for the first time in Munich from this year, which I was invited to be part of. The Munich event is right around the corner, from January 15th to 17th in Munich with an exciting line-up of speakers from various fields: designers, scientists, authors, educators, artists in visual communication design, web design, data sciences, web architect and developers, and art like myself. You can check the line-up of speakers here.

Looking forward to visit Munich for the first time, and share my stories about Japanese calligraphy!


Beyond Tellerrand
January 15 – 17, 2018
Website: beyondtellerrand.com

Speakers include…:
Dina Amin, Nadieh Bremer,
Robin Christopherson, Simon Collison,
Carla Diana, Vitaly Friedmann, Christian Heilmann,
Mark Robbins, Harry Roberts,
Stefan Sagmeister, Sara Soueidan,
Marcy Sutton, Aoi Yamaguchi

Workshops: Monday, January 15
@ Microsoft Deutschland
Walter-Gropius-Straße 5
80807 München

Talks: Tuesday, January 16 – 17
@ Münchener Künstlerhaus
Lenbachplatz 8
80333 München

>> My Talk: Tuesday, January 16 2018  19:30- <<