SEASONS 03: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop for March 「朧月」-Hazy Moon-

Japanese Calligraphy “Shodo” Workshop for Beginners   季節を愉しむ書道ワークショップ 「SEASONS」 SEASONS op. 03 March: Oborozuki – Hazy Moon – 3月 弥生 – 「朧月」の会 SEASONS is a series of our monthly Japanese calligraphy workshops to appreciate the


“静と動 -Stillness and Motion-” for 48 PILLARS

I’ll be showing my new calligraphy art pieces, “静と動 – Stillness and Motion-“, created for a “structural constraint” group exhibition titled “48 PILLARS” featuring 24 artists held at Arc Gallery;


SEASONS 02: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop for February 「春時雨」-Spring Shower-

Japanese Calligraphy “Shodo” Workshop for Beginners   季節を愉しむ書道ワークショップ 「SEASONS」 SEASONS op. 02 February: Harushigure – Spring Shower – 2月 如月 – 「春時雨」の会 SEASONS is a series of our monthly Japanese calligraphy workshops to appreciate


Seasons 01: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop for January 「冬霞」 -Winter Mist-

Japanese Calligraphy “Shodo” Workshop for Beginners   季節を愉しむ書道ワークショップ 「SEASONS」 SEASONS op. 01 January: Fuyukasumi – Winter Mist – 1月 睦月 – 冬霞の会 季節を愉しむ書道ワークショップ、始めます。 激動の渦中にいる心をやすめて、筆を持って言葉の世界を楽しみながら、ほっと一息つきませんか。 カリフォルニアという、四季の移り変わりが緩やかな土地に住んでこそ、日本文化の趣は四季とともにあり、日本の自然風景の美しさと、そこに息づくひとびとの自然を愛でる心が、詩を生むのだと感じます。そこで、俳句や短歌、詩などから浮かぶ情景を味わいながら、選んだ言葉を書で表現して愉しむ時間をつくりたいな、と思いました。 「SEASONS」第一弾は、1月 睦月 – 『冬霞』の会。 みなさまお誘い合わせの上、是非ご参加ください。 SEASONS is


暁 – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!

At dawn A gleam of dreamy light radiates, Dwelling in a sweet slumber Horizon is realized by the voices of amber Day is awoken with kisses by the birds Let


New Year’s Calligraphy “Kakizome” Workshop 2017

Yes, we are having a kakizome workshop again this year! Kakizome (書き初め) is the term for the first calligraphy writing of the new year, traditionally performed on the second day


「懸」- Care

「懸」- care 懸念懸想しあいながら、 ひととひとは繋がっていられるのだと思う。 心の一画目はじんわりと念が弧を描いて響き、 届いていくように。 心を抱きしめる腕は長く伸び、 ぽろぽろとこぼれる想いを、 包みこむように。 Worrying is caring, longing is loving – we are connected with this invisible mesh of thoughts and emotions. The first dot


Live Calligraphy Performance at BAMPFA on Oct 15th

I'm excited to announce my upcoming large-scale live calligraphy performance at Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive on Oct 15th, themed in "Breath". FULL is a series of varied performances at BAMPFA celebrating


Japanese Calligraphy Group Lessons for Beginners: Autumn 2016

At this Autumn series of hands-on workshops spanning from September to November, you will learn and practice basic Japanese calligraphy skills, meditative calligraphy process and finding the balance between the mind


書と和菓子 Sho to Wagashi: COSMOS -Five Elements- at Morimoto Napa

Sho to Wagashi: COSMOS x Morimoto Napa presents COSMOS: FIVE ELEMENTS Marriage of Japanese Cuisine, Calligraphy and Confectionery Demonstration & Tasting Inspired by Yin-Yang and Five Elements: 木火土金水 (Mok-Ka-Doe-Gon-Sui:Wood, Fire,