Japanese Calligraphy “Shodo” Workshop for Beginners 

 季節を愉しむ書道ワークショップ 「SEASONS」

SEASONS op. 02
February: Harushigure – Spring Shower –

2月 如月 – 「春時雨」の会

is a series of our monthly Japanese calligraphy workshops to appreciate the beauty of nature transitioning with four seasons captured in poetry.

For February session, themed in “Harushigure” meaning “Spring shower,” we will savor the beauty of light and shadow found in the moments with the cold rain shower at the end of Winter, transitioning slowly to the Springtime – as we write your choice of seasonal word from Japanese classic haiku poems.

During this hands-on workshop, you will learn and practice basic Japanese calligraphy “Shodo” skills, through the meditative calligraphy process finding the balance between the mind and body. We will go over the basics: how to hold the brush and control the brush, proper posture, how to take care of tools and materials, gettting to know with Japanese paper and sumi inks.

You will be introduced to the fundamental calligraphy writing techniques and beautiful and formal Regular Script “Kaisho” or semi-cursive script “Gyosho” on selected Japanese kanji characters depending on your skill level, and you will be practicing and making your own calligraphy artwork on “hanshi”*-sized calligraphy paper, and on a shikishi board for the final piece! You will have a nice piece of artwork to take home at the end of the workshop.

This workshop is designed for the adult beginners. No prior experience is necessary.

Saturday February 11th, 2017 11am – 1:00pm
Saturday February 25th, 2017 11am – 1:00pm


This workshop will be instructed by Aoi Yamaguchi. Original worksheets and handouts will be provided.
Lesson will be taught in English. Knowledge of Japanese language is not necessary.

Basic supplies and materials will be provided for you to work on Japanese calligraphy during the workshop. The first 20 sheets of calligraphy paper are included per class. Additional paper is available for purchase.

Supplies and materials provided for workshop:
•  Calligraphy brush – Fude(筆)
•  Bottled Sumi ink (墨)
•  Ink well  – Suzuri(硯)
•  Calligraphy Hanshi Paper “Tosa” (土佐)
– *Hanshi size: H13.15″ x W9.5″
•  Felt fabric – Gin Moh-sen (銀毛氈)
•  Paperweight – Bun-chin(文鎮)
•  Calligraphy Artwork Folder
•  Self-study guide handouts

Bring your own:

•  Dark colored clothes or aprons that you don’t mind getting ink on.
•  Open-minded enthusiasm!