Atelier Towa, Aoi Yamaguchi’s own studio in Berkeley, California, offers hands-on Japanese calligraphy workshops and lessons, instructed by the artist herself.  Intimate small-group session will motivate you to learn with peers and let you focus on practicing and improving your skills. Each workshop program is designed to introduce and explore different styles and aspect of the art of Japanese calligraphy. Available sessions will be listed as they are scheduled.  Choose a session that suits your level and goals!


Japanese Calligraphy “Shodo” Workshop for Beginners

Atelier Towa Japanese Calligraphy Workshop is coming to Berlin!

Two sessions of Japanese calligraphy workshops will be offered during TYPO Berlin 2017 at HKW: Haus of World Cultures, on Friday May 26th and Saturday 27th. Workshops are accessible for the TYPO Berlin ticket holders. During this hands-on workshop, you will learn and practice basic Japanese calligraphy “Shodo” skills, through the meditative calligraphy process finding the balance between the mind and body. We will go over the basics: how to hold the brush and control the brush, proper posture, how to take care of tools and materials, getting to know with Japanese paper and sumi inks.

You will be introduced to the fundamental calligraphy writing techniques and beautiful and formal Regular Script Kaisho or semi-cursive script Gyosho on selected Japanese Kanji characters depending on your skill level. You will be practicing and making your own calligraphy artwork on hanshi*-sized calligraphy paper, and will have nice pieces of artwork to take home with at the end of the workshop.

This workshop is designed for the adult beginners. No prior experience is necessary.

Friday, May 26th 15:00h – 17:00h
Saturday, May 27th 15:00h – 17:00h

This workshop will be instructed by Aoi Yamaguchi. Original worksheets and handouts will be provided.
Lesson will be taught in English. Knowledge of Japanese language is not necessary.

Basic supplies and materials will be provided for you to work on Japanese calligraphy during the workshop.

For more details, please visit www.typotalks.com/berlin/2017/ and contact TYPO Berlin for any questions about the events.

Japanese Calligraphy “Shodo” Workshop 
in Spain / June 2017

Yes, coming to Spain. Details TBA!