Japanese Calligraphy Workshops for Beginners: Autumn 2016

At this Autumn series of hands-on workshops spanning from September to November, you will learn and practice basic Japanese calligraphy skills, meditative calligraphy process and finding the balance between the mind and body.  We will go over the basics: how to hold the brush and control the brush, posture, how to take care of tools and materials, various kinds of Japanese gasen paper and sumi inks. As the fall of autumn leaves symbolizes, it’s the perfect season to focus on inner-self, preparing for a hibernation, building foundation as you explore new possibilities. This workshops will be a small group of adult beginners.

If you’re interested in private lessons, please contact us from here.

* Calligraphy in the photo: 「待宵」(Matsu-yoi)
待宵 (matsu-yoi) is August 15th by lunar calendar, the day before the autumn full-moon viewing day called 十五夜 (Jyu-goya) in Japan. It also means an brisk evening waiting and longing for someone you love. This term symbolizes the beginning of the autumn season, with a slight sentimental, romantic feeling, which invites you to the world of Japanese poetry from centuries ago.

Looking forward to having you join us!